The shipping status of your order can be found by default at Once the seller has added tracking information, you can check when your order will arrive.

Track your purchases

Log in to and go to your account.

Go to the order details.

Shipping status is displayed on the right side of the order. The delivery status is as below.

  • Shipment completed: The ordered product has arrived at the buyer at the destination.
  • Delivery Completed: The product ordered has been shipped.
  • Center Shipment and Delivery Preparation Delivery: The ordered product has been moved to the shipping company for delivery.
  • Processing in progress: The seller is preparing the ordered product.
  • Payment Authorized: The seller has received your order.

Invoice Number: If you added an invoice number after shipping, the invoice number will be displayed. Click on the link to confirm order delivery to view status updates for sent orders; if there is no link, shipments from post offices such as EMS and AIRMAIL can be found at the post office or at each shipping company's site.

You can also view the shipment information in the shipment notification email for your order. .

Why wasn't the tracking information provided for my order?

It may not have been shipped yet or has not been updated by the seller, you can contact the seller for invoice information for your order.

Where is my order?

If you have more questions about shipping or invoice information is not available, please contact the seller for assistance.

When is the estimated delivery date?

Latest update (1 May 2021): Delivery schedules may be longer than expected due to ongoing COVID-19 delays and disruptions, and some countries may operate depending on the carrier.

The estimated delivery date is when your order should arrive. Typically, the estimated delivery date is based on the processing time of the item you ordered (how long it takes the seller to create and prepare the shipment), the delivery time (usually the shipping period with the shipper), and today's date.

Processing time + Carrier transit time + 1 day = Estimated delivery date

For example: If your purchase takes 3-5 days to process, and the delivery time for the selected delivery method is usually 5-6, the estimated delivery date is 8-11 days from today.

The estimated delivery date may be adjusted depending on the seller and delivery method, and there may be early or delayed deliveries, so please contact the seller for the estimated delivery date.

Understanding Shipping Methods

Each seller in Korea at decides on their own delivery method and one of the basic delivery methods at However, international sellers use their own delivery methods, so please contact the seller if you have any questions because there are various delivery policies and methods depending on each seller or country.

Sellers also often provide shipping information on store policy pages, which you can find immediately through the policy link at the top of the store's homepage, contact the seller to ask how to provide it at a particular store.