Buying products safely at the Cocomarket

Here are some ways to ensure safe purchases on the Coco Market website.

Basically trust the buyer's judgment, if something is too cheap or if the product's performance or description is not likely to be exaggerated, the best option is to avoid buying.

Credit Card Safety

Do not give your credit card number or password by email, message, or phone.

If you're dealing directly, don't say your credit card information out loud. Please sign the transaction and request a receipt.

Check your credit card statement regularly to track your expenses and card activity.

Safety, such as computer and Internet usage

Change your password regularly. The more complex passwords are, the better protected they are.

If you share a computer or device, log out of your website account before allowing it to be used by others.

Safety of purchases, etc. in the coco market.

Before purchasing, check the seller's reviews and shopping policies, and if you have any questions or concerns, send a message to the seller before purchasing.

Please review these considerations if payment statements such as bank or PayPal show unrecognized charges from Coco Market, if in doubt, contact us immediately.

Cocomarket cannot confirm or support payments other than Bank transfer or PayPal.

If you receive an email that you suspect was sent from Coco Market, please send it to Operations at for immediate review.

Delayed Delivery

The designated or seller-borne carrier may be delayed due to natural disasters or COVID-19 impacts, which may prevent the seller from starting delivery at the appointed time.

Delivery may also be delayed for various reasons, if an order is delayed, contact the seller first to adjust the available delivery date, or if the delivery has been made and the invoice number has been issued, you can use the invoice number to see how the carrier's service is affected. Here are some links to the carrier

Korean Post office