Order-related matters

What Do I Do if My Order Gets Lost in the delivery?

If you suspect your order was lost during delivery, there are steps you can take to locate your package. You can also work with the seller to obtain tracking information or, if necessary, claim delivery insurance to the seller prior to delivery to claim delivery insurance after signing up.

If your order status information shows that your order has been delivered, first check if someone else at home or office has placed your order. Also, even if the tracking number information says it has been shipped, it may take another day for the shipping company to deliver the package. It's possible that the package has arrived at your local postal facility or delivery hub, but it's possible that it hasn't arrived home yet.

Communicate with the seller - You must communicate with the seller about the status of your order via message.

Sellers generally want to provide excellent customer service and can provide shipping information or work with you to find the best results - Ask the seller to file a delivery insurance claim.

Shipping insurance claims to the seller in advance to compensate for high-priced products or concerns about loss and pays for delivery insurance.

If a transportation insurance claim is to be submitted to the shipping company, the seller must complete this task. Seller may require your information or request you to create a document to process the claim.

If your delivery is uninsured, request a local delivery company to search for the missing delivery, possibly because of the delivery man's mistake, delivering it to other floors, buildings, etc., and this is often the case with small packages.

If the seller is not responding or there is no shipping information for the package, you can consider contacting us at cocomarket.kr, can help customers and sellers find solutions.

Tips for future orders

The problem of loss during delivery can occur to anyone, but there are things that can be avoided in advance.

Shipping tracking Number Ask the seller if the service and/or delivery insurance are included in the delivery (all shipping services in South Korea have tracking numbers), usually with optional delivery insurance, the buyer may pay more for these services, but the added peace of mind may be worth it.

You can meet in person in the same country or region or receive orders by local courier, but the above is the same for local courier.

Receive email for orders not ordered

If you received an email from cocomarket.kr about an order you didn't order, you might have encountered some problems:

Someone may have misspelled your email address when registering for a cocomarket.kr account.

Someone may have created an account at cocomarket.kr using your email address.

Someone may have placed an order on the computer you logged in to cocomarket.kr.

If you have not placed this order or believe your account has been compromised, please contact cocomarket.kr.

What should I do if the seller doesn't respond?

If you have contacted the seller about your order and the seller has not responded within the appropriate time frame, you can choose from several options:

Contact the seller via email.

The time and date may vary for each country due to the different location time zone, and check holidays, etc.

You can contact the seller via email even if you do not respond at cocomarket.kr. To find the seller's email address:

Go to your account at cocomarket.kr.

Go to Order / Order History.

Select a seller profile.

Scroll through your profile to select the seller's email address. This opens the default email client and allows you to send email directly to the seller.

Please verify that your order has been placed through cocomarket.kr. If you buy from a seller other than cocomarket.kr, cocomarket can't be helped if there is a problem.

Contact us at cocomarket.kr, cocomarket's support can help with other issues or questions.

How to Report an Order-Related Problem

To report an issue with your order:

Log in to cocomarket.kr and navigate to your account.

Go to Order/Order History.

Go to Seller Information and click Contact Seller.

Explain the problem to the seller in the text box that appears.

You can click Send to notify and respond to the seller of a new message.

Who is the seller?

Each item on cocomarket.kr is sold by a standalone seller. Contact the seller in the following cases:

I didn't receive your order.

The item is different from what I explained.

I want a refund or return the item

Each seller has its own store policy and should review it before contacting the seller. This may include how to process returns, refunds, and cancellations. If the seller does not specify a store policy, you can refer to common rules in the detail page section of each product.

If you have already contacted a store

If you and the seller need help finding a solution, please contact us at cocomarket.kr, we recommend working with the seller to resolve the problem before contacting you.

Refund method for order

If you are not satisfied with your order, you can request a refund according to the seller's policy. Contact the seller to request a refund.

Log in to cocomarket.kr and navigate to your account.

Go to Order/Order History.

Go to Seller Information and click Contact Seller.

In the text box displayed, notify the seller that you want a refund.

You can click Send to notify and respond to the seller of a new message.

Seller is not required to provide a refund unless stated in the store policy. On the Order Help page, you can go to the Store Return Policies view to view the store policy.

What is a seller's store policy?

Each seller at cocomarket.kr is responsible for its own policies related to refunds, exchanges and returns. Policies vary from seller's store to store.

Review the seller's store's return and exchange policies before purchasing. You can find store policies by viewing store policies on the Shipping & Returns List page, or by going to the top of the store's homepage and other information.

Specific questions about store policy are best answered by the seller. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact your seller's shop.

What should I do if the seller doesn't refund my order?

If the seller does not allow a refund, contact us at cocomarket.kr in the following case.

The product I ordered has not arrived.

The product you ordered is different from the product described on cocomarket.ke.

I can't reach the seller.

What should I do if I don't receive my order?

Contact Us for Support

If you have not received the order, you should check if the seller's store has shipped your order. To verify that your order has been shipped:

Go to your account at cocomarket.kr.

Go to Order / Order Details.

You can check the status of your order on the right side of the order history. If sent, it will be marked as complete.

My order hasn't been shipped yet.

If the order has not already been shipped, please contact the seller's shop to determine when the order will be shipped.

Learn how to contact a shop.

My order has already been sent.

If the order has been shipped, verify that the seller has added invoice number information. The shipping carrier provides invoice number information and generally provides an update on where the order is being shipped.

If no tracking number information is provided, contact the seller to verify that there is invoice information for the delivery of the order.

If your order has not been shipped or has not been delivered and no shipping invoice information has been provided, please contact us at cocomarket.kr.

Learn what to do if your order may be lost on local delivery after arrival.

My order has been delivered.

If your order has been delivered but you haven't actually received the item, you can do a few things.

Check if the package was delivered to your neighbor by mistake.

Contact your local post office for assistance in locating your parcel. Provide tracking number, shipping service name, and shipping address. You may need to contact the seller to obtain these details.

Ask the seller if they can help you by filing a claim with the shipping service.

What to do if you ordered the wrong size or color

If you ordered the wrong size or color, you may return or exchange it. Seller does not have to accept returns or exchanges unless stated in the shop policy.

Learn how to request a return or exchange.

What should I do if the seller doesn't receive a return?

If the seller does not file a return and the item you received does not match the product's description page, you can send a message to the seller if the order is different from what the seller's store described.

Log in to cocomarket.kr and navigate to your account.

Go to Order/Order History.

Go to Seller Information and click Contact Seller.

In the text box that appears, notify the seller that you want to return or exchange.

You can click Send to notify and respond to the seller of a new message.

I need to report a problem with my order now, what should I do?

You can report the issue to the seller at any time. The seller can solve most of the problems associated with the order.

When is the estimated delivery date for my order?

Estimated delivery date depends on order processing time and delivery time. This depends on the number of items you ordered and the delivery method, each time the order is delivered domestically or overseas is different, please contact the seller of each order