Opening an Your shop at COCOmarket

Make a shop with cocoMarket to sell your products

Are you interested in selling through cocoMarket? We always welcome you.

This story guides you through how to open a seller's shop in the cocomarket, shares tips on how to get started, and provides information for additional guidance you may need.

Let's take a look at the cocomarket.

cocoMarket is a unique market that deals largely with K-POP products, general products, used goods, handmade goods, vintage and retro products overseas. cocomarket offers many buyers and sellers who share a rare passion for used products and products. cocoMarket is the sharing and sharing of all of us.

If it's your first time, take a look at the cocoMarket, which is still being made and changed by you. Review each policy, explain how to sell it, and see if sales at the cocoMarket are appropriate for you and your sales activities, and do research.

Open the store.

Please log in or create a cocomarket account before creating a shop. You can use this account to run a shop and purchase it from another seller at cocomarket. After creating an account, add profile pictures and introductions to let buyers or other sellers know who you are.

To open a shop in cocomarket

Log in and create an account through the Login/Signin the upper right corner of (creating an account will naturally create a seller account).

Click the seller account in your account.

Create a seller profile, add a product, click Save, and continue.

If you created a product and created a seller profile, you done your basic shop. Afterwards, you can click Payment app. to enter an account to receive the sales payment, and if necessary, create a delivery method for the seller's individual. You can also manage and view all situations at a glance through dashboards.

- Refer to the Sales User Guide(Selling with coco)

Learn more about opening a shop

Do I need a business license to sell products at cocoMarket?

cocoMarket does not require a special requirement or business license for the seller's sale through cocoMarket, but when selling, it must comply with the Seller's Law of the basic sales country and fulfill the good seller's responsibility by good faith.

The main store elements can be edited through the seller's account, and the following is a short story.

Name: Enter the seller's name, nickname, etc.

Store: Enter the name of the seller's store.

Email : Fill in the seller's email, enter the available email address that the buyer can contact if necessary.

Language : Select the language you use. This helps the buyer communicate by translating a specific language when contacting.

Phone number: For the company, you can use the company's representative number, or you can enter a mobile number.

Address: Enter the address of the company for the company and the address for the individual.

Country: Country where you are located.

State : Enter state or province.

Zip Code: Enter the zip code.

Description (guidance and explanation of the store): General introduction and policies of the store are written in Korean or English. It's short, intense, expressive, long and detailed. Displayed to Buyer, where Buyer leaves a description and first impression of Seller's store, outline Seller's policies: delivery, return, exchange, payment, customization, or any other important instructions Buyer should know before purchasing.

Meta Title: Simply fill in the title of the store for search optimization, which helps buyers find the store on the web.

Meta Description: Simply fill in a short description of a store for search optimization, which helps buyers find a store on the web.

Meta Keyword: Simply fill in the words, , for optimizing searches, to help buyers find a store on the web.

The logo : uploads the representative image of the shop.

Marketing strategy.

Marketing strategy is the key to the success of cocoMarket. Marketing will help new customers find your products, keep existing customers up to date with your store, and drive overall sales growth.

Tips for getting started with marketing:

Make sure you are optimizing your shop for seller search in cocomarket. You must add meta-titles, descriptions, keywords, etc. so that you can find the seller's shop in the web search.

If you are out of Korea and want to sell your products in Korean market, You can use cocomarket warehouse and ask for local shipping for ordered products by cocomarket. for more detail You can contact us - Save delivery cost and Time for selling in Korean Market.

Link your shop to your social media account to create a post about your product and let us know.

Consider the free shipping policy, and you can ship the product free of charge, including shipping cost.

Find a local craft fair or marketplace that can be sold for a wide range of sourcing products and get unique products and sell them through cocomarket.

Try interacting with other sellers in the cocomarket.

Ask the manager of cocomarket to create a seller's product advertising banner, which allows them to create a banner ad free of charge within cocomarket by selecting at least one of the products sold by each seller.

After listing items in a store, there are other factors to manage as your business evolves and grows.

Tips for managing your store:

Observe cocomarket's Seller Protection Policy.

Do you have any questions about establishing a store?

Take a look at the Sales User Guide to help you get started selling at