Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of use

Article 1 (Purpose)

1.The purpose of this Agreement is to prescribe rights, obligations, and responsibilities among users of e-commerce-related services and other services (hereinafter referred to as "services") provided by Internet sites operated by "Coco Market" (hereinafter referred to as "company").

2.In order to provide smooth service and security of information, the company maintains proper personnel and facilities, and faithfully implements inspection or recovery measures, etc. and does not collect or utilize the members' information or provide it to third parties without the consent of the members.

3.Coco Market is not a trading party as a mail-order broker, and Coco Market is not responsible for any product information and transactions registered by the seller.

Article 2 (Definitions)

1."Coco Market" (hereinafter referred to as the "company") refers to a virtual place of business that is set up by the company to provide "service" using information and communication facilities such as computers.

2." Member" (hereinafter referred to as the user) means a purchaser and seller who agrees to this Agreement and enters into a service use contract with the company.

3."Seller" means a person who uses "service" to sell or to sell his/her goods and services (hereinafter referred to as "item") by registering his/her goods and services in "Coco Market".

4."Purchaser" refers to a person who uses "service" to purchase or receive "items" of "sellers" registered in "Coco Market".

Article 3 (Providing and Changing Services)

1.Transaction brokerage service: Providing cyber trading places where goods can be traded between members through websites or applications provided by the company

2.Delivery service: Integrated delivery service provided by the company through business partnership with third parties 2"Company" operates and manages a system for smooth and convenient "services", and the "user" shall assume direct responsibility for transactions established between "users" and information provided and registered by "users". In this regard, the Company shall not assume any liability.

3. If the contents of 'service' provided by 'company' are changed due to changes in technical specifications, the reason shall be notified to the 'user' or posted as a notice so that the 'user' can recognize it.

Article 4 (Suspension of Service)

1."Company" may temporarily suspend the provision of "service" in the event of maintenance inspection, replacement or breakdown of information and communication facilities, such as computers, or communication interruption. In addition, if 'service' becomes impossible due to conversion of business items, abandonment of business, or integration between companies, 'company' shall notify 'user' or post a notice so that 'user' can recognize it.

Article 5 (Service Usage Fee)

1.Company provides various related 'services' related to 'Coco Market' and may charge a service fee (service fee) according to the policy of 'Company'.

Article 6 (Member subscription and change of member information)

1.After filling out the membership information in accordance with the subscription form set by the company, apply for membership by expressing our agreement to this Agreement.

2.The time when the two-member subscription contract is established is when the consent of the company reaches the member. The 'Company' may post an expression of its consent on the service screen or notify it by email or other means.

3 'Company' may refuse to register as a 'member' in the following cases: ①.If an applicant has lost his or her membership before, except if he or she has obtained approval for membership re-entry as he or she believes that the company is necessary after losing his or her membership. ②.In case there is a false, omitted entry or error in the registration; ③.It is deemed that other 'members' registration is significantly impaired by the operation or technology of the 'company';

4."Members" shall not provide false information when applying for a service contract, and if any changes are made, the changes shall be corrected immediately to the latest information.

5.Any damages caused by information not modified by the "members" shall be borne entirely by the "members", and the "company" shall not be held liable in connection with such information.

Article 7 (Duties of Members) The members shall comply with these terms and conditions, operation policies, information on use, and related statutes, and shall not interfere with the company's business. The company may restrict or disqualify a member from accessing his/her account if he/she commits acts that are restricted or prohibited by this Agreement and the operation policy, and may temporarily delete or permanently delete the member's posts. As a result, the re-entry of those who have been disqualified from membership may be restricted. In principle, if the company takes action in accordance with the preceding paragraph, it may notify the relevant member in advance, but in case of unavoidable reasons, such as urgency, it may notify the member in advance and follow-up notification after taking preemptive measures.

Article 8 (Seller Registration) If a member who has obtained approval from the company for membership registration pursuant to Article 6 intends to sell the goods to other members using the company's services, he/she shall go through the seller registration process.

1.In order to register as a seller, the following must be entered in the company-set online registration application, and the following information of the seller, the vendor, will be disclosed to the member: A. The seller's name (name of trade name and representative if it is a corporation), address, phone number, email address, The name and address of the store and phone number email address

2.Identity information provided by the seller for service use may be provided to the buyer at the request of the buyer who made the purchase request for the seller's goods.

Article 9 (Seller's Duty) Seller shall perform the following obligations:

1.At the request of the purchaser, the purchaser who has applied for the purchase of the goods sold shall be provided with identification information such as name, date of birth (only for the non-operator seller), address, phone number, email, etc.

2.If there is a situation where you cannot sell the product you have requested, you must remove the product from the store without delay or specify it as non-saleable.

3.The seller's return, refund, personal protection policy, usage policy, etc. shall be prepared in the policy column of the store and notified to other members in advance.

4.If the buyer makes a payment or makes a payment to the seller and asks the seller about the progress of the goods delivery or transaction, he/she shall comply with the request in good faith.

5.The company is responsible for proving that the goods have been shipped or delivered, and the company may request the seller to prove that the goods have been sent or delivered for the purpose of settling the price of the goods, and the seller shall faithfully comply with the company's above request. Seller shall bear all responsibility for any damages or problems caused by Seller's failure to comply with the above request.

6.If the goods have already been destroyed or damaged due to the buyer's responsible reasons, the value of the goods has decreased significantly due to the buyer's use or consumption, or the value of the goods has decreased significantly to the extent that it is difficult to resell them, the purchaser may refuse to accept the offer even if the purchaser has expressed his intention to withdraw the subscription under this Article.

Article 10 (Member withdrawal, loss of qualification, etc.) If the "member" falls under any of the following reasons, the "company" may delete the registered contents of the "member" without prior notice, and, upon the judgment of the "company," warn, suspend withdrawal and use, suspend use, and disqualify "members." ①. If false information is registered ②. In the case of infringing on the rights, honor, credit or other legitimate interests of others, such as obstructing the use of "services" by other "users" or stealing information; ③. The act or attempt to interfere with the 'service' provided by the 'company'; ④. Where the Act or this Agreement prohibits or acts contrary to public order and good customs by using the "service" provided by the "company"; ⑤. Where it is deemed necessary to refuse to provide the "service" because other matters registered by the "member" at the reasonable judgment of the "company" may cause serious damage to the "company"; ⑥. Has not used the service for more than one year;

Article 11 (The nature and purpose of commodity trading services through transaction brokerage services)

1.Company provides online transaction locations and services to enable member-to-member commodity transactions within the service. In principle, the company is not a party to the transaction and shall not be liable for the trade of the goods sold in the service in connection with the goods sold directly by the seller but requested by the company to suspend the sale by the above seller.

2.A member who intends to purchase goods using the service can subscribe to purchase goods through a store opened by the seller. If a member wants to purchase goods, the member above can choose one of the delivery methods set by the seller and pay for the goods entered by the seller through the payment service set by the seller.

Article 12 (Cancellation of a Transaction Contract) If the sign of consent for the cancellation application in the transaction, such as sales and purchase, is made under mutual agreement of "User", the transaction contract shall be deemed to have been terminated. At this time, the Company shall not intervene in the process of terminating the transaction contract between the parties, and in this regard, the Company shall not assume any liability due to the attribution of the "User" parties.

Article 13 (Payment)

1.'Company' provides a way for 'members' to make payments. However, in principle, disputes arising between users, electronic payment agencies, financial institutions, etc. in connection with payment shall be resolved between the parties, and the company shall not be held responsible in this regard.

2."Company" provides payment payment protection services such as PayPal, Bank Transfer System, etc. to enhance the reliability of e-commerce services and ensure safe transactions among 'members'.If the contract for sale is concluded and the buyer has paid for the goods, the company deducts the pre-set service fee (including PayPal and the bank fee) and settles the payment to the seller, and returns the goods to the seller, even if the buyer has not received or received the product from the seller, and when the buyer requests a refund from the buyer, the amount paid by the amount paid to the buyer. In the event of a dispute between the seller, buyer, carrier, financial institution, etc. in connection with the payment method provided, the relevant parties shall resolve the dispute. The company is not involved in this and will not assume any responsibility.

Article 14 (Calculating the price of goods)

1.The seller confirms the delivery and receipt of the goods to the purchaser who has paid for the goods, or after the fixed time (the time of receipt) has passed, the company pays the settled goods to the seller except for the fee. The company may deduct the expenses incurred due to the reasons attributable to the seller from the settlement of the sales price and pay the remaining amount to the seller only. If the seller is unable to confirm the completion of the shipment due to reasons such as the inability to track the shipment, the seller can calculate the price of the goods on the 45th day of shipment. The company may postpone the settlement of the suggested goods for a certain period of time in preparation for the buyer's request for a refund in the future.

2.The company may suspend the settlement of the goods in the event of any of the following reasons. The company may suspend settlement for three months if the seller is caught as a seller of non-conforming goods or if the buyer is concerned about a request for an additional refund, exchange, etc. due to a number of complaints from the buyer. In accordance with the provisions of the relevant statutes or other reasonable reasons, the company may notify the seller in advance and suspend the settlement of all or part of the price of the goods for a certain period of time.

Article 15 (Delivery)

1."Members" can select the delivery method posted by the seller under mutual agreement. The "company" shall not be held liable for any matters concerning the delivery of the "members" to the parties.

2."Company" may provide a way for the "seller" to ship the item, but in principle, disputes arising between "members" and the shipper in relation to the delivery shall be resolved between the parties, and the "Company" shall not assume any responsibility in this regard.

3.'Company' provides 'delivery agency service' to enhance service reliability and ensure safe transactions among 'members'. The "delivery agency service" is a service for the convenience of the seller, and if you enter a complete package and correct address and order it through domestic courier service, it will be sent overseas instead. Correct address, such as contents, seller, buyer's exact address, and overseas delivery method, shall be delivered to the "company" prior to shipment, and measures such as shock and damage prevention shall be taken appropriately with a thick box and internal airform to prevent damage, etc. for overseas delivery. Claims due to product damage etc. shall be settled between the parties in principle, and the "company" shall not assume any responsibility in relation to this regard.

4.Seller shall take necessary measures for delivery without delay after receiving confirmation notice of Buyer's deposit or payment. If the delivery of the product is delayed, the purchaser may request the cancellation and refund of the order, and in this case, the order will be canceled as a sales refusal.

5.If the seller has sent the product, the company will notify the buyer by mail or on the service screen for the buyer to know this fact.

6 If the buyer does not express his/her intention to confirm, exchange, or return the purchase within the purchase confirmation period, the company shall consider the transaction as willing to confirm the purchase and may process the transaction as automatic purchase confirmation (hereinafter "automatic purchase confirmation") on the next business day. However, this is not the case if the buyer has not received the actual product within the purchase confirmation period.

Article 16 (Returns and Returns)

In principle, if the good that buyer bought from specific seller was used item as seller remarked, returns, refunds,exchange are restricted due to the characteristics of the product. However, if there is a seller's policy for returns and refunds, the seller's regulations are prioritized.

It means that the buyer who purchased the product agrees with the seller's regulations because they first check the seller's regulations and purchase the product.

If the product sold by the seller is not a used product or there is no regulation on refund or refund, follow the following regulations:

1.In principle, the person who provided the attributable reason shall pay the shipping fee (including the initial delivery fee) for the refund or return. ①. In principle, the 'buyer' shall pay the return fee if the reason for the imputation is provided by the 'buyer' (there is no problem with the item, but simple change of mind, wrong size/color selection, etc.). ②In the case that Seller" has provided attributable reasons ('Products' defect or defect, 'Products' that arrived are inconsistent with the details, 'Products' have not arrived), 'Seller' shall pay the return fee in principle.

2.Refunds and returns are not possible in principle in the following cases: ①. the 'product' is destroyed or damaged due to the responsible cause of the 'buyer'; ②.The value of the 'good' is significantly lost due to the opening of the package or the damage to the package; The value of 'goods' has been significantly reduced by the use of 'buyer' or some consumption. ③. the value of an item has decreased significantly due to the passage of time to the extent that it is difficult to resell it, such as used Items/Goods ; explained well its conditions by seller ④.'Products' (main question composition method) that start production after confirming the order and handmade items. ⑤. In case it is deemed impossible to refund or return any other refund;

3.In principle, the Coco Market shall not intervene and shall not assume any legal responsibility for any refund or return disputes arising after the Buyer has completed its purchase confirmation. However, in the case of intentional damage caused by the seller's purchase inducement transaction, the company can delete the product, suspend withdrawal and restrict use, cancel the transaction, and sanction the account according to the reasonable judgment of the company.

4.In the case of 'members' who repeatedly report disputes over refunds and returns, the company can delete 'products', suspend withdrawals and restrict their use, cancel transactions, and sanction accounts according to the reasonable judgment of 'Company'.

Article 17 (Inappropriate Action)

1.'Company' may impose sanctions on 'user' for the use of 'service' and civil and criminal liability on 'user' for the purpose of protecting good 'user' who uses 'coco market' and for inappropriate acts that violate the general principles of the relevant statutes and commercial transactions.

2.In the event that a 'member' commits an inappropriate act for the following reasons, the 'company' may delete the registered contents of the 'member' or lose the qualification of the 'member' without prior notice. ①.Register false information on 'Coco Market' ②.Register non-conforming 'product' ③.Exaggerated or exaggerated advertisements (spam publicity articles, wallpaper, etc.) ④. Commerciality advertisements not seeking approval from the 'company' (public relations, etc.) ⑤.Disclosure or posting of obscene or violent messages, images, voices, or other information against the public domain on the 'coco market' ⑥.Sending or posting information (computer programs, etc.) other than those prescribed by the Company; ⑦. Infringement of intellectual property rights, such as copyrights of 'company' and other third parties; ⑧.The act of damaging or obstructing the honor of the 'company' and other third parties; ⑨.Other cases where the 'company' judges;

Article 18 (Distributed 'Products' ) 'Company' shall be regarded as non-conforming 'goods' in the following cases: This item is generally prohibited from being shipped overseas.

1.Spray, perfume, flammable liquids and materials, currency, check, gold, and silver jewelry. See below for more information (post office links) https://ems.epost.go.kr/front.Introduction04.postal

Article 19 (Dispute Resolution)

1."Company" shall not be held liable for any problems arising from user" mutual disputes. The 'User' mutual dispute must be resolved directly between the parties.

2."User" In the event of an e-commerce dispute between users, an application for relief of damages may be filed by the Fair Trade Commission or a dispute settlement agency commissioned by the city or provincial governor.

3.The company may provide the member's identity information to the related agencies upon request from the relevant agencies regarding disputes related to transactions. In the event of a dispute between members, the company may provide information on payment of goods settled at the request of a member who is a party to the transaction above.

4.Matters not prescribed in this Agreement or individual Terms are subject to general correlation with the provisions of the relevant statutes, such as the Telecommunications Business Act, the Framework Act on Electronic Trade, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, and the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

Article 20 (Application Date)

1.This Agreement shall apply from October 16, 2020.