Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection

Agreed to protect personal information and provide personal information, etc.

The company collects and keeps the information provided by the members when signing up for membership and registering sellers in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

The company may collect and store additional information and related materials for sellers who intend to sell certain goods in accordance with the relevant statutes and the company's operational policies.

The company shall not use the information provided for the member's application for membership and seller registration for purposes other than smooth service provision unless the following exceptional circumstances exist, or provide the information to third parties without the user's consent.

In the case of allowing the use of member information and the provision of information to third parties on the basis of relevant statutes; Where the consent of the members is obtained in accordance with the company's terms and conditions, operating policies, etc.; Where a member who intends to purchase a particular item requests the company for information from a seller who is not a vendor selling the item. In order to protect the members' personal information, the company establishes and complies with the personal information processing policy and designates a person in charge of personal information protection.

Keep records of transactions : The company keeps information about the purchase details of the transaction, such as the name of the item, date of payment, payment amount, payment method, payment unique number, financial company name (bank or other remarkable third parties), delivery location information, and transportation information for three years after the transaction.

The company keeps information such as parties, goods, prices, etc. of the purchase details traded for three years after the transaction. The company shall maintain the security of the transaction information and take technical measures to ensure that the above transaction information can be viewed by members who are parties to the transaction during the period of storage. Specific matters concerning the storage, such as transaction records, shall be governed by the relevant statutes and personal information processing policies

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