How to shop at Korean used market

You may simply join COCOMARKET.KR and be our family member

STEP 1. Tab the Sign-in button on the right side on the website and click register simply

STEP 2. Set your own account and password

STEP 3. Finish You can place your order as follows.

  • 1. Log-in (sign-up if needed)
  • 2. Search for products or click Sellers on the left side on the website and click for sellers goods
  • 3. Tab and read Sellers profile and Read the sellers Policies
  • 4. Select for products and add to cart
  • 5. Select a payment method and make a payment
  • 6. Once the order has successfully been placed, you will be given an order number.Once the payment is completed you will be able to check the order list on [My page]

Check Points :

Please read each sellers policies and descriptions carefully and proceed with your order. Purchasing items is considered as agree to the sellers policies. Check each products condition, and contact seller for more detail, and when the product you ordered arrives, be sure to leave a Seller Review on the sellers page, It is a big help to the seller (The seller will be paid with your comments or Review, Alternatively, 7days after arrival [purchase confirmation period] based on the delivery completion shown by the international delivery agent such as Post office or other similar delivery service companies)

The status of products and items registered in the used marketplace is registered and sold by individual sellers, and cocomarket, which provides only a brokerage system, is not responsible for the products and contents. Please make sure to check the product status and details of the product at the product page before ordering it.

[How to purchase seller and their items]

Purchasing item and contact seller 


[Order confirmation and product and delivery preparation period]

After confirming the payment, it will take 3 ~5 business day days for preparation for delivery, Delivery period may vary depending on delivery method and delivery situation.  for more detail, please Contact your seller.

order status explaine

[How to check sellers information]

Tab shops name at product page of seller, you can find seller's rating and short information.


[How to leave your Review for seller and products]

Tab Stars in the Sellers product page and leave your comments on the products that you have purchased from the seller.

[Cancel and return]

If the product has already moved to Arrange shipment status stage, it cannot be canceled due to simple change of mind or order change.

In the case of defective products, defects or mis-delivery, you must register for return/exchange within 7 days of receipt.

When returning a product, it must be returned as the components and packing boxes are, and it cannot be returned if the product components are missing, damaged, or damaged.

Returns due to customer change of mind are expensive because they include international shipping charges. Please purchase carefully.

If you have any problems, please contact the seller first

Enjoy your shopping with COCOMARKET Team