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Here are the instructions and precautions for the seller.

seller how to sell your items in Korean marekt



First, you need to sign up to use Marketplace in To subscribe, click Login at the top right of the site to subscribe. By joining, you can act as a member of this market, and you agree to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of marketplace at cocomarket's and you are responsible and obligation for acting as a good seller. 

Check out the details of your Join in with image

STEP 2. Create My Seller Account and Enter Profile

If you check your account after signing up, you will see apps related to your seller account, such as creating a seller account, messaging sellers, and favorite sellers. To activate your seller account, first click on your seller account to enter and save the basics, your saved content will be automatically submitted to cocomarket administrator, and your submitted account will be activated with administrator's approval..

Check out the detailed description of creating a seller account.

STEP 3.Activate Seller Account

Seller Account: After the administrator's approval, the seller account is activated and you can manage the product more easily through the menu as one of the sellers. 

Find a more detailed description of activating the seller's account.

STEP 3-1.Seller Account Menu Description and Operating Methods 

When the seller account is activated, various menus are activated for sale. Below is a description of each menu and how to use it, you don't have to use it all, but if you don't use it, you can leave it blank.
* IMPORTANT : However, for the Carriers's  shipping methods and Rates must be set according to the seller's country.

Menu for seller account by cocomarket

1) Add products : 

Did you choose the items or products what you want to sell ?, This is a place where sellers upload new products(Items) to sell, and you can also manage existing products(Items).

Product Registration Method-1 Default Settings and Categories Classification

To add a product, first click the "Add Product" button on the menu page of the seller's account. Afterwards, when the product registration format appears, you can enter it according to the format and order and manage the uploaded products and existing products through the product column on the right side of the menu.

Check out the detailed description of how to register the product-1

Product information : You can write the product name, product number, product status, and simple description.

Return, Refund, Exchange Policy : Mark the seller's basic policy in the basic description of the product or, write the seller's policies simply and clearly, and insert them into the products detailed description.

Default Category Settings : The seller displays the seller's product in the default category of the listed category. Mark it in the category that best matches the product you want to sell.

Product Registration Method-2 Price, Search Engine Optimization and Carriers

Once the default settings are complete, select SEO and Carriers. You can fill out SEO for your items or leave blank for search optimization. Measure and weigh your items(Products) actual weight or Volume weight for your Carriers, If you fill in the appropriate weight, overseas shipping charges will be charged according to the International Carrier methods and Shipping charges you made in advance.

Price: All prices in this market are set to USD. You have to calculate the price of the product you want to sell in USD.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :Seller can optimize the seller's exposure to stores, products, etc. on the web for maximum marketing effect. 

Carriers : First seller must at least one carrier and shipping rates ( From your country to Shipping destination Countries)

For example, if you want to sell products to Korea(or other countries), you should fill out the available Carrier(s) and shipping rates from your country to Korea(or other countries). If you leave the delivery blank, it can be a problem because the wrong delivery carriers and rates(wrong delivery carriers and rates : the rate is based on departure from Korea if you leave it blank) apply. 

Product Registration Method-3 Inventory Quantity and Image

As the last step in uploading the product, fill in the quantity and upload the image of the product. The quantity of the product is the quantity of the product you have in stock. Usually, if you have one product, you write it as 1. If you have several identical products, you fill in the quantity. The sales quantity is fixed at 1, 800X800 pixel size and up to 2MB optimal image, and up to 3 can be uploaded. 

Check out the detailed description of how to register the product-3

Product quantity : Enter the available inventory quantity of the product.

Upload Image : Recommendable the optimal size (800X800) image. Check the maximum capacity and number of images. 

2) Product :

After adding a product, you can check and edit the uploaded product and the existing product. Click the action button on the right for editing and editing.

3) Seller Profile : 

This is the seller's default profile, and it is shown to the buyers through the product page or the seller's search, please express yourself and your products so that you can trust them..

See example image of seller profile.

4) Seller Account Editing : 

The seller can check the profile that was previously written, and can check and modify the store name, description, address, phone number, logo, etc here.

5) Commission details : 

Commission paid to Seller, if the status is changed to approved 8 to 15 days after delivery, Seller may request withdrawal from administrator via withdrawal from Seller account, of course, Buyer's review may result in faster approval, status and history of Seller's revenue.

Refer to the detailed description image of the commission here

6) Order :

This is where orders are placed, the seller can manage all orders for the seller's product in the order area of the "My Seller Account" menu, when the item is sold, the order on the account displays the order number and status, and the seller can view and manage the status.

Once the order has been placed (the buyer's payment has been made), the order will be sent to the seller's email first, allowing the seller to view the order on the seller's order through the menu in the seller's account.

Description of the image in the status of the order received

For more detailed order information and order progress, you can tap the View button to manage your order status and progress.

Once the payment of the order has been confirmed, please prepare the product for the order and ship with your own made carrier.

[Change order status] :

1. Payment accepted (the administrator has confirmed that the payment has been completed)- confirming that the seller's product will be ordered and paid for.  

2. Processing in progress : (Seller clicks Update Status to change order status to [Processing in Progress] and prepares order products.)

3. Arrange shipment : The seller packs the ordered product and prepares it for overseas delivery

If the delivery to Korea [ to cocomarket warehouse in Korea]

If the delivery to other countries [ to make shipment direct to buyer's place]

4. Shipped-Seller take charge of overseas delivery by default, mark the order status as completed shipping with tracking number, and update the order to completed overseas delivery.

7) Payment : 

It stores payment information so that the seller can get in the proceeds (commissions) of the products sold and receive payments from the administrator of the cocomarket through withdrawals. Information that is inaccurate may cause loss, so please save it carefully. Inform us your PayPal account for withdrawal.

Check out the example of payment on the seller's menu.

8) Dashboard : 

You can see the sales, revenue, expenditure, and sales of all your transactions at a glance, where you can see your current status. Where you can predict and manage the seller's current and past and future plans, including total sales, commissions, withdrawals, and products from the most popular sellers.

Check out the detailed image of the dashboard here.

9) Withdraw money : 

You can apply for withdrawal of your commission except for the fee through the withdrawal request form at any time after shipment. Withdrawals will be withdrawn within 2 working days of the withdrawal application through the account information with the administrator's approval after the product arrives at the buyer.

It will be paid to PayPal account according to the exchange rate at the time of withdrawal application.

The product has been confirmed to arrive to the buyer or the commission has been changed to approved status 8-15 days after arrival, so the withdrawal application can be approved, and the withdrawal application will be deposited in 2 business days. 

See detailed image descriptions of withdrawals here.

10) Message : 

If the buyer contacts the seller with questions about the product, transaction terms, and status of the product, it will be reported to the seller via email, and you can check the message box in the seller's account. 

Check here for an example of an image of the message.

STEP 4.About International delivery

1. First of all, If you are outside of Korea, You (seller) have to make his/her own delivery method and carriers, creates the shipping rates, and uses it for your product.

2. It should be shipped according to the promised delivery date to the region or country where the customer ordered the product directly from Your country. (Check the first available your own carriers under COVID-19 situation to deliver countries).

3. You need to update the order status at the same time as the shipment, and the shipment of the ordered product is completed by writing the tracking number at your order status in your seller account.

STEP 5.Regarding payment and withdrawal requests

Immediately after seller's order arrives to the buyer (order status shows delivered) Seller selects the amount to withdraw from seller's account or order menu( (the commission amount can be checked at any time on the menu of withdrawal or order in the seller's account) and sends it to administrator, cocomarket will send the money to the seller within 2 business days after reviewing it with seller's payment menu account information.

We have explained everything from signing up as a member to registering, selling, managing and operating your order as a seller, and requesting withdrawal of delivery and payment.

This site is an overseas online marketplace where all sellers and buyers share.If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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