[Summary] This is a "poppic story" illustration book. I ordered the wrong one and only keep it in good condition.
[Status] Same as Pictures
ATT VELYATT Black Sandal
[Summary] Size 235, I ordered this product in the summer, but I couldn't wear it because it arrived in the fall. I bought it for 85,000.
[Status]same as the picture. All intact, It's not worn ever.
NCT JungWoo Photo Card
This is NCT Jungwoo's photo card. There's a slight scratch (the first is a mark on the top of the picture, which is not easily visible, but if you look closely, you can see it, the second is a slip on the right side of the jacket, the mark on the nail).
We'll put it in the plastic cover, and you can't return it or refund.
Mono Narbie Red Leather Heel
I'm posting it here,  it was not possible to cancel because it was  handmade a year ago.
The size is 39 in Europe, and I think it's 245 in Korean size, and I bought it for 280,000 won. it has 9cm high heel and Italian top leather used, but it was a little small wide, so I felt uncomfortable to wear.
The condition is the same as the picture, it's all in the box.