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NCT JungWoo Photo Card
This is NCT Jungwoo's photo card. There's a slight scratch (the first is a mark on the top of the picture, which is not easily visible, but if you look closely, you can see it, the second is a slip on the right side of the jacket, the mark on the nail).
We'll put it in the plastic cover, and you can't return it or refund.
NCT albums ( unsealed) 7 as 1 Set
nct dream we ver
nct dream boom ver
nct 127 punch kino
nct 2020 pt 1 past ver
nct 2020 pt 1 future ver
nct 2020 resonance pt 2
It's on sale they are all unsealed (no photo cards)
only NCT 2020 and punch kino contain folded posters, 
All 7 un sealed albums sold as a set.
I am a singer WMCD-0074(unsealed)
A fresh and shocking feast of the best singers, "I'm a singer " ④ CD release!The "I Am a Singer" program has great significance in the history of Korean music.
Unsealed and album may have traces of use in the outside of a cover