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IU AR Photo card

깨끗한 아이유의 AR 포토 카드 입니다, 반올림 피자 아이유와 콜라보로 발행 되었으며 스마트폰의 APP을 통하여 아이유의 영상과 음성을 들고 볼수 있는 플라스틱 포토 카드 입니다. 

반품및 교환은 불가능 합니다.

This is IU's AR photo card, which was issued by 반올림 pizza in collaboration with IU, and is a plastic photo card that allows you to listen to IU's video and voice through the smartphone's APP.

You cannot return or exchange it.

$5.00 (tax incl.) $5.00 (tax excl.)
No tax

This product cannot be exchanged or returned. Please purchase carefully.

It's a clean product with no scratches or damage.


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